About the fund

Meet the trustees

The trustee board is responsible for making sure the Fund is run for the benefit of its members.

Meet the 3 independent trustees

Doug Ross

MNRPF Chairperson

Doug is the Chair of MNRPF and an accredited professional pensions trustee.

He has extensive experience of scheme governance, having worked in various chair and trustee roles.

He’s also well versed in communicating effectively with pension scheme members.

Melanie Cusack

MNRPF Trustee

Melanie has almost 30 years’ experience in the UK pensions industry.

She started her career as a pensions actuary and in 2009 moved to independent trusteeship.

She’s also a member of several pensions groups and is a regular judge of the Pensions Age Awards.

Lionel Sampson

MNRPF Trustee

Lionel is a professional pension trustee with around 25 years’ experience, including working with one of the UK’s largest schemes, Royal Mail.

He’s been a union official for 36 years and is now working as a Senior Policy Advisor.

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Write to

Trustee of the Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund
c/o Pi Consulting Trustee Services Limited (PTS)
2nd Floor Tuition House
27-37 St George’s Road
London SW19 4EU